Anti virus, anti spam step guide.

Jorge Biquez jbiquez at
Wed Aug 4 14:38:03 UTC 2010

Hello all.

I am looking documentation for implementing, the easiest way anti 
virus and anti spam configuration for non tech users and out of the 
box after installing FreeBSD (actually using 7.3 Release).
I have been working with it for some years but I am not an expert at 
all. I need to help some non-profit organizations that received some 
2 year old computers as donation and they will use it for email 
services. They have not tech people, so the idea is that I can help 
them to implement that solution the easiest way so maybe one of the 
teacher there can try to replicate the solution.

UNtil now I always have used Sendmail as it is installed, no filters 
besided the spamcop ones but that was enough for my personal use.
I know some of you will tell that change to postfix or another MTA 
and that instead using POP3 that I have to use another tool (courier, 
fetchail, imap (any) etc etc). I ca do it for sur and I do not want 
to star a war , again, under what MTA is the best. I just would like 
to have the best and easiest solution for them. Once installed they 
only will be creating new accounts, changing paswords, deleting 
accounts. Nothing else. Ah, another thing if possible is to implement 
a webmail but that will be an extra gem if possible.

Any resources? Any suggestions based in experience? (I have one 
machine of them that I will use for testing the solution).

Thanks in advance

Jorge Biquez

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