lightweight Chat client/server?

Matias matiassurdi at
Wed Aug 4 08:50:15 UTC 2010

El 03/08/10 22:12, Depo Catcher escribió:
> I have a combination of Spark (windows client) and Open Fire (FreeBSD
> server, actually Java) for my lan.
> We've used this setup for years, but the OpenFire server takes up ~500 +
> MB.
> Anyways, we were looking for something a bit smaller.
> We just need to send text messages to LAN users (less than 6) and
> supports a nice windows client.
> We're not suppose to use any external services (yahoo messenger, aol, etc)
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I'd racommend ejabberd. I set it up at work (around 200 people) and 
works likea  charm, really small footprint on the server also, less than 
200Mb of ram used. Easy to setup shared roster groups, lots of clients 
for all operative systems (we use Pandion on widnows, Adium on Mac and 
Pidgin on linux). Command line tools to manage it, no need for sql 
database and incredibly easy to setup a cluster for HA/Load balancing.

The only drawback (for me): it is written in Erlang... but this is a 
problem just if you were planning to develop your custom modules, etc..

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