lightweight Chat client/server?

Charles Richards richardsc at
Tue Aug 3 22:42:21 UTC 2010

You can tune the openfire JVM configuration to run in 256MB of RAM, possibly less with only < 6 users.
You also do not need to use an external DB for it - it can run with it's own embedded DB.

It's probably the easiest to install / configure Jabber client I've come across, but there's a good list noted here:

Charles Richards
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On Aug 3, 2010, at 2:18 PM, Bill Moran wrote:

> In response to Depo Catcher <depocatcher at>:
>> I have a combination of Spark (windows client) and Open Fire (FreeBSD 
>> server, actually Java) for my lan.
>> We've used this setup for years, but the OpenFire server takes up ~500 + 
>> MB.
>> Anyways, we were looking for something a bit smaller.
>> We just need to send text messages to LAN users (less than 6) and 
>> supports a nice windows client.
>> We're not suppose to use any external services (yahoo messenger, aol, etc)
> We've been using Jabber for several years internally.  Works well and
> has clients for just about every OS I know of.
> Don't know if it could be considered lightweight, though, since it
> requires an SQL server on the backend.  If you already have another
> SQL server in production, you could just install the DB there, as its
> DB usage is pretty light.
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