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On Mon, Aug 02, 2010 at 10:18:46AM -0700, Bill Tillman wrote:

> I just purchased a setup which will allow me to access IDE and/or SATA
> drives through a USB port. Of course I was hoping for it to work with
> FreeBSD and in spite of the reviews which said it needed no Windows drivers
> as soon as I opened it up there was a CD with the drivers for Windows on it.

Take a look at the Windows driver, especially the .INF files that come with
it. Sometimes this gives you interesting info.

It may also help to add the ID of this particular chip to the list in the
umass driver. Maybe it also needs some quirks, as some other chips do.

> So apparently the FreeBSD server senses when this thing is connected but it
> cannot see the drive connected to it. BTW - The FreeBSD server only reports
> anything when I power up the drive on the device. So again I see there might
> be hope to access it.

With multi-card readers it sometimes helps to touch(1) the device node. Have
you tried that?

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I will give the drivers on the CD the once over as you suggest. I'm curious about the touch command you recommend. By that do you mean I should
# touch /dev/da0s1
# touch /dev/da0s1a...f
I didn't know that the newer versions of FreeBSD would allow you to write in /dev folder.


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