How to confirm/deny ntp is working?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Tue Aug 3 00:23:09 UTC 2010

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Kinsey <kdk at> writes:

Kevin> Do we need to ping someone about it then, say, kensmith@?

Kevin> Just c'suped to 8 recently; mergemaster gave me a new ntp.conf and
Kevin> this is the exact stuff in there ;-)

Uh, why.  Looks like the Right Thing is already in there:

    server iburst maxpoll 9
    server iburst maxpoll 9
    server iburst maxpoll 9
    #server iburst maxpoll 9

This conforms with:


    Get your vendor zone

    To allow you to use the pool as the default time service in your
    application, we will set you up with special hostnames, for example, and

    You must absolutely not use the default zone names as the
    default configuration in your application or appliance.

    You can apply for a vendor zone here on the site.

So the problem is that the original poster changed it *away* from the
freebsd subdomains to the *us* subdomains.  This is neither necessary
nor advised.  That's what I was complaining about.

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