Setting Debug flag in /etc/make.conf

Robert Bonomi bonomi at
Mon Aug 2 16:46:49 UTC 2010

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> Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2010 07:28:24 -0400
> From: Jerry <freebsd.user at>
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> Subject: Setting Debug flag in /etc/make.conf
> I have been having problems with several different programs lately.
> Would there be any serious drawback to simply setting: "WITH_DEBUG= "
> in the /etc/make.conf file to force everything I build/rebuild to be
> built with debug symbols? I am assuming that I can simply place that
> flag in the make.conf file. Do I have to also give it a value; i.e "=1"
> or "=yes" also?

What's wrong with the traditional way of doing this -- i.e.,  setting the 
environment variable CFLAGS to  -g   befoe your start make-inthings?

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