Porting NetworkManager to FreeBSD

Brandon Gooch jamesbrandongooch at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 15:18:04 UTC 2010

On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 2:26 PM, Sergio de Almeida Lenzi
<lenzi.sergio at gmail.com> wrote:
> Em Sáb, 2010-04-17 às 10:13 +0200, David DEMELIER escreveu:
>> 2010/4/16 Jerry <freebsd.user at seibercom.net>:
>> > Has there been any movement on porting NetworkManager
>> > <http://projects.gnome.org/NetworkManager/> to FreeBSD? I read
>> > something awhile ago, I don't remember where, that it was planned for
>> > the 8.0 release (I think). I have seen it in use on a friends PC, and
>> > it is really awesome.
>> >
>> Do you really like NM ? Each time I use it it bugs, sometimes it
>> connects and sometime not. Of course it's great for people who wants
>> something easy to manage but NM needs the users to connect the X
>> session.
>> wpa_supplicant is really great, it scans access points available and
>> try to connect them (you can add many networks in your
>> wpa_supplicant.conf) and then it starts connecting even if you're not
>> in your X session.
>> About the NM port in freebsd I guess we can wait a long time.
>> Cheers,
> Laptops needs NM badly..  Linux have it, Opensolaris have it... I cannot
> use
> FreeBSD 8.0 in my laptops (8 persons in my company) because there is no
> NM.
> All the Laptops runs Arch linux...  it is a good OS but does not
> compares to FBSD.
> That is a thing that is missing...
> I agree that wpa supplicat is great... so if one can only make a GUI for
> it... it would
> make all of us happy too....
> Sergio

Check out net-mgmt/wifimgr, available in ports. It's a graphical
front-end for wpa_supplicant.


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