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 Le 30/09/2009 à 11:19:15-0500, Mark Linimon a écrit
> On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 03:05:08PM +0400, Dmitry Marakasov wrote:
> > I've seen the license change too. I'm working on the port currently.
> As a reminder, the last time this software was in the ports tree, the
> developer threatened us with a lawsuit.  This repeats what he has
> previously done to several other BSDs and several Linux distributions.
> This is why ports for his software are no longer available for these
> platforms.
> Whether the license has changed or not, the fact that the author feels
> the desire to use lawsuits to achieve his goals makes his software too
> much of a liability for FreeBSD to redistribute.

Well I think you decision is already take so I'm not going argue with you.
Just little information : As I understand Tuomo Valkonen as stop the
developement of this software. Here is what he say :

 «I have recently given up on the failure known as Linux, and switched to
 Windows. As I thus probably won't be working much on Ion3 anymore, and
 since it seems very stable anyway, the 28-day clause in the license should
 serve little practical purpose anymore. It has therefore been lifted.»

Anyway if you don't want that ports I can understand easily why. That make
me sad, but thanks to Dmitry I can use ion-3  and because ion-3 not
going to evolve I'm going to keep that «pseudo-ports» in some «safe»-place.

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