problems with hal in freebsd 7.2 i386

chrisa at chrisa at
Wed Sep 30 19:40:38 UTC 2009

> On Wed, 30 Sep 2009, chrisa at wrote:
>> I discovered that compiling all ports on the relevant machine made it
>> compile and start. Isn't it odd that the ones compiled on a slightly
>> different i386 machine didn't?
> Not really.  There are lots of ways for two "slightly" different
> machines to be really different.

Fair enough. This makes me wonder, though, how the packages downloaded
from the ftp server can be run without problems on most machines. What is
the difference between the machine compiling those for everyone to use and
me compiling my own for another of my machines to use? Is there something
you have to do to make sure they're compatible?

>> Anyway, the mouse still doesn't work in X, and from what I'm hearing,
>> it's possible to get the mouse to work in X without it, so I am going
>> to get rid of hal.
> Or you could fix your configuration.

I'd love to.

>> By the way, any ideas on why the mouse input mightn't work in X? It's a
>> usb mouse, but moused in text mode works with it.
> Your xorg.conf probably has outdated options in it.  But it's hard to
> tell without seeing it.

Actually, I don't have one at all. I'm letting Xorg autodetect everything.
Evidently it's not autodetecting the mouse. I'm thinking it's time to try
manual configuration.

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