problems with hal in freebsd 7.2 i386

chrisa at chrisa at
Wed Sep 30 19:11:48 UTC 2009

> I had similar troubles with hal.
> The easiest solutions is to get rid of hal. Deinstall it. The xorg-package
> you can compile without hal (use make configure and uncheck hal) and it
> will work.
> Cheers
> herb langhans

Thank you.

I discovered that compiling all ports on the relevant machine made it
compile and start. Isn't it odd that the ones compiled on a slightly
different i386 machine didn't? Anyway, the mouse still doesn't work in X,
and from what I'm hearing, it's possible to get the mouse to work in X
without it, so I am going to get rid of hal.

By the way, any ideas on why the mouse input mightn't work in X? It's a
usb mouse, but moused in text mode works with it.


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