geom not clearing metadata labels

Ross westr at
Wed Sep 30 13:55:12 UTC 2009

R> I've got a geom based file system that is running under 2 geom
R> modules: multipath and journal.

Solved the problem, so here's some notes for the archive:

- the answers were hiding throughout in the freebsd-geom mailing list
archives, I just forgot to look there initially.

- this was a single data disk that was improperly partitioned/sliced
in the beginning, therefore the metadata information was being picked
up twice and auto creating the journal device under each device.

- if the journal is being picked up multiple times (ie slice +
partition), then remove one of the formatting options (via dd
if=/dev/zero of=/dev/xxxxx bs=512 count=32) so only 1 journal is
picked up.  Then do "gjournal clear /dev/xxxxx" to properly remove the

- hardcode the gjournal labels for situations like this, as it'll
stop it being autoloaded under multiple devices.

- gjournal hardcoded provider labels are up to 15 characters long, so
long device names can be a pain (like "multipath/xxxx0s1a" is too

Probably a few other notes that I've forgotten, but that'll get you on
the right path.



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