ath atheros 5424/2424 on the CQ60 Presario

Kenneth kennethcf at
Wed Sep 30 06:09:06 UTC 2009

Thank you!

The led flashes with traffic now...however, the flashing between blue and orange is irritating, so I removed the lines, and yes, the card works.  It would be nice to have a steady blue to signifiy a connection.

To get my ath0 device working, I have the following 2 files with the lines shown:

File 1) /etc/rc.conf (fill in the ? with your wep key in position 1 on your laptop didn't want to work without the "weptxkey 1" and the "1:" in front of the key itself)
ifconfig_ath0="DHCP ssid spider mode AUTO weptxkey 1 wepkey 1:0x?????????? authmode open wepmode on"

File 2) /boot/loader.conf

Also, on my wireless router, I had to disable Super G mode.  The man page for the atheros driver says the atheros Super G mode is not supported.  I verified that it was not supported, at least 100%.  My laptop would talk to the router, but my DHCP server would not answer my laptop's DHCPDISCOVER requests.  It worked as soon as I disabled Super G on the router.  If you use an "authmode" other than "open", I think you need to load another module in /boot/loader.conf...refer to the Freebsd Handbook 31.3.2.  I have not tested that.

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>> Anyone been able to use the ath driver on an atheros 5424/2424?  I have a Compaq Presario CQ60 and can not get the wireless light to turn blue?
>For a working LED, the Atheros AR5007 (5424/2424) in my Acer requires
>in /etc/sysctl.conf.  Works without that, just no LED.
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