Question about FreeBSD installation procedure

Tim Judd tajudd at
Tue Sep 29 18:00:46 UTC 2009

On 9/29/09, Polytropon <freebsd at> wrote:


> Honestly, I've never seen the need for extended DOS partitions.
> Let's say you intendedly want to run a multi-OS system, then
> you can install four systems, each one in its own slice, and
> within the slice, the partitiions, if needed and supported.

By using BSD jargon, I will describe some other limitations, some of
which you may not yet have gone through:

The OS installer is given the opportunity to partition for you.  If
you tell Linux "to install" it can create multiple slices, eating up
your 4 slices.  If you setup 2 windows OSs, the 2nd OS gets added as
an extended DOS slice.

The limitation of not installing BSD into an extended DOS partition is
a good decision.  It makes it difficult for the MBR code to dissect
the extended DOS partition to find the boot sector.

I am 100% for the requirement of a slice.

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