Whic mail server?

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at goldmark.org
Tue Sep 29 01:03:06 UTC 2009

On Sep 27, 2009, at 8:01 AM, Aflatoon Aflatooni wrote:

> Hi,
> I am running a server that is acting as the mail server for only  
> internal users (about 50 users). Currently we are running Sendmail,  
> but reading on other discussions I noticed that qmail and other  
> programs are suggested.

If you have no compelling reason to switch from sendmail, stick with  

> I am wondering if qmail is thought to be better than sendmail.

My personal favorites in order are

  carrier pigeons
  messages in bottles
  smoke signals
  MS Exchange
  whatever system dogs use when they smell each others' excrement.
  Lotus Notes

You can't go wrong with the first three: exim, postfix, and sendmail.   
There are reasons why I have the preferences that I do, but they don't  
apply to you or your needs.  So unless you are having problems with  
sendmail, just stay with that.

> Any suggestions on spam filters like spam-assassin?

There are many ways to integrate spam-assassin and sendmail, and they  
will all be in the ports system.  Look at mail/spamass-milter

Another approach (not using milters) is a spamassassin+procmail  
solution.  I prefer the milter as it allows you to reject mail early  
in the process.



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