Whic mail server?

Michael Powell nightrecon at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 27 14:25:23 UTC 2009

Aflatoon Aflatooni wrote:

> Hi,
> I am running a server that is acting as the mail server for only internal
> users (about 50 users). Currently we are running Sendmail, but reading on
> other discussions I noticed that qmail and other programs are suggested. I
> am wondering if qmail is thought to be better than sendmail. Is there a
> matrix of features and functionalities that would compare the different
> mail servers? Any suggestions on spam filters like spam-assassin?
> Thank you

This is, of course, my own personal bias here but I wouldn't touch qmail 
with a ten foot pole. I know many have used it successfully and been happy 
with it. 

It is very easy to begin with a single domain for local delivery to 
configure sendmail as per the instructions in the Handbook. Postfix is 
designed to be a drop in replacement for Sendmail, and for a simple Sendmail 
already configured, Postfix will just take over and work when installed.

Additions such as MySQL for virtual domains and users, spamd, etc., can then 
be plugged in to the basic setup one at a time. There is a pretty fair 
amount of documentation in the Postfix world for such things.

If you are looking to change out Sendmail my vote would be Postfix as it is 
easier to build on and build up from the setup you're currently using. 

However, I'd like to point out if you have only one mail server you probably 
should do this on a second duplicate machine and then once it is proved to 
work properly swap them. There is a pretty good chance if you only have one 
mail server you're going to take it down while mucking about.


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