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>>> Maybe you are looking for this ?
>> That article is quite dated. However, I will investigate it ASAP.
>> Thanks!
> Compared to the world of Microsoft you'd be surprise how stable the general
> operation of a UNIX system is.
>     Just cause it was written a while ago doesn't mean its out of date
> and/or irrelevant NFS on UNIX like systems is a relatively standard task and
> no real reason has existed for a while to change anything in the way that
> this is accomplished.

Your statement would have had just as much relevance and impact if you
had left the comparison out ;)

> Unlike the world of Microsoft things aren't changed for no rational reason
> in the world of UNIX-like systems.

I think that you are missing something here. It is unfair to say that a
commercial entity makes changes "for no rational reason".

Understand that there is *always* a reason for change.

It may appear that a commercial entity makes drastic changes that _seem_
irrational to many people, but in reality, change is necessary.

These changes are completely relevant to the shareholders who own the
company. If there is no change, there is no growth. Revenue is a great
motivator for change, and therefore change is very, very relevant.

Getting back to the point, many of my personal docs/notes regarding FBSD
dating back to 2000 are still relevant, but many aren't.

The nice thing is, is that we have this list (and the other FBSD lists),
it's archives, and numerous thousands of websites and documents freely
available to us on any given day.

I like to look at it this way... each day that a change in FreeBSD is
made, is equal to someone, somewhere asking a question about the change,
someone else responding to that question, and then information being fed
into the global system of knowledge for everyone to see.

In my time (w/FBSD), I can't recall one instance of a situation that I
wasn't either able to solve via the lists, the archives, Google, or the
documentation. When that ran out, a decent writeup of your issue is
generally enough to entice the developers themselves to provide you

iow, there is no such thing as an irrational change. Everything happens
for a reason. If you must compare, the changes in FreeBSD or any of it's
subsystems or 3rd party applications generally happen for reasons other
than financial gain (afaik).

My .02

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