bridge wlan and tap

Steve Franks bahamasfranks at
Fri Sep 25 22:38:07 UTC 2009

I know everyone's busy with the release.  This is not a showstopper,
but it relates to networking, which is pretty central to a working bsd

I read in some obscure post that I can't bridge from a wlan to tap
because the wlan can only handle one MAC?  Kindof thought every card
has only one mac.  No idea if this related to 6.x or something
earlier, or current...of course I can't find the post again, either,
but it was just a mention in some other howto.

Anyway, I can't get an address on bridge0.


autobridge_interfaces="bridge0" # autoconfigure these bridges
autobridge_bridge0="tap* wlan0"

After I boot, no address on bridge0, and dhclient bridge0 just times
out...sortof thought I was following the handbook & man tap, but
again, I have a 7.2 box on a wired network that this basic operation
works on, so I'm suspecting wlan does break bridging...


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