Unlimited PoE Issue 1

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Thu Sep 24 19:18:11 UTC 2009

IEEE has recently voted to approve and ratify the 802.3at as the new standard for Power-over-Ethernet. This motion increases the existing .af standard of 15.4W to 30W to support a wider array of PoE applications including VoIP Phones with streaming video, PTZ Cameras with heaters, and security functions including access control. [1]For more information...

 Phihong’s Power-over-Ethernet switch extends PoE and Ethernet up to 200
    meters+ and can power four IP cameras from a single Cat5 cable.
Designated the POE60S-4AF, the 10/100baseT switch extends the capability
 of Ethernet and PoE from a current limit 100-meter reach to double the
distance. The PoE switch can operate under temperatures from 0º to 55ºC.
    It works with either an Ultra PoE midspan (providing IEEE802.3af
      outputs) or an AC adapter, and is UNH-tested. [2]Read more…

              [3]PhihongUSA partners with WAV Distribution

                       [4]Extend your PoE network

   [5]Phihong’s POE576U provides full power and requires no management

    [6]Phihong’s POE80U provides up to 80 watts of power on a single
                             Ethernet port 

           [7]Power, data carried over single Ethernet cable

  Phihong’s full power-, no limits-midspans provide full-power on every
 port. This advanced technology is the most cost-effective solution when
   you have to expand your network. Our midspans support 10/100/1,000
    (gigabit) Ethernet. Designed around an open silicon platform and
 featuring USB connectivity for the management console, our midspans are
 designed and tested in the USA for greater focus on the North American
 PoE market. Today’s midspans can deliver the necessary power to current
   and future generations of VoIP phones, wireless LAN access points,
remote IP security cameras, access control devices, RFID readers, motion
   detectors, keypads, building automation controls and other emerging
                        products. [8]Read more…

            Introducing 95 Watts Per Port, Mega PoE Midspans
  Phihong has developed a Power-over-Ethernet midspan product line that
 offers the highest power per port available on the market. Available in
        2- and 4-port versions, the POE240U-2MP and POE576U-4MP
   Gigabit-compatible Mega PoE midspans provide up to 95W of power per
  port, more than any other midspan or PoE-enabled switch, making them
  ideal for high-power applications such as computer workstations, LCD
 display panels, and wireless access point (WAP) arrays. [9]Read more… 

  • Splitters and midspans are available to power camera PTZ motors and
                            heater devices.
 • With a UPS backup for the Security network, the entire camera network
             can continue operation during a power outage.
   • With full power, no limit midspans, you can efficiently and cost-
   effectively supply power to cameras, sensors, scanners and alarms
   without the need to install power outlets and electrical cabling.
                            [10]Read more… 


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