zyd & TEW-424UB

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at obspm.fr
Wed Sep 23 18:06:14 UTC 2009

 Le 23/09/2009 à 15:22:30+0200, Jan Henrik Sylvester a écrit
> According to 
> http://linux-wless.passys.nl/query_part.php?brandname=TRENDware , there 
> are two revisions of that device with totally different chipsets.

F**********ck.....20 bucks in trash....

> Unfortunately, that is pretty common for wireless devices with only a 
> few companies being exceptions.

Yes I known...
> BTW: If you want to get a zyd device, be sure to get a ZD1211B version 
> (see the source for hints which ones are). I had a ZD1211 (without B) 
> that happened to cause kernel panics under load on FreeBSD 7. From my 
> experience, ural or rum devices are stable. (I know nothing about uath, 
> upgt, and urtw.) If you have that choice, cardbus or PCI tend to be 
> better than USB, especially ath devices work well.

Yes I known but my laptop don't have carbus or PCI....just USB...

Thanks for your help.

I'm need to buy another ..... :-( :-(


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