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On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 03:40:41PM -0500, David Kelly wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 03:29:43PM -0400, Carmel NY wrote:
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> > > It would, but he's approaching the problem with Windows-colored
> > > glasses.
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> > I am not sure what that is even suppose to mean, so I'll just ignore it.
> It means you are trying to make Unix conform to your Windows habits. For
> security, simplicity, and security (yes, "security" twice) we are not in
> the habit of wantonly sharing our file systems. Historically remote
> login has been difficult on Windows systems while file(system) sharing
> has been relatively easy so Windows Administrators learned how to manage
> systems by pushing files around on shared file systems. I'm saying it
> sounds an awful lot like that is what you are trying to do. If so then
> you will quickly find Unix doesn't like to let root (Administrator)
> easily cross system boundaries.

Really, it sounds like this guy is a candidate for AFS.
Actually probably serious over-kill for his situation, but
it does wonders.    I think there is now (again) an OpenAFS
for FreeBSD.     AFS plus X-windows  would more than do it.


> Meanwhile others have listed a multitude of utilities for shooting files
> across multiple machines, including simple terminal login and more
> advanced GUI X11 login. None of which use shared file systems as their
> core connection method.
> Expanding on what I said earlier, if "joe" is userid 1001, do not reuse
> 1001 on any other machine unless "joe" has an account there too. Unix
> file ownership is by userid and groupid *numbers*. The number doesn't
> have to be defined in the password or group databases to be used. Most
> file sync and archivers only use the numbers.
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