LDAP server gone -> impossible to login locally!

Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Tue Sep 22 20:39:54 UTC 2009

Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Sep 2009, O. Hartmann wrote:
>> I run into trouble with FreeBSD and LDAP on a regular basis!
>> Sometimes it is necessary to log in onto a bunch of servers with no
>> LDAP service responding, due to service, crash, eletrically
>> disconnetion, whatever. The problem is: I can't.
>> Using all prerequisits from ports (pam_ldap/nss_ldap/ldap as most
>> recent) my /etc/nsswitch.conf looks like this as it has been the most
>> reasonable (and only working!) solution for the past 2 years:
>> passwd: ldap [unavail=continue notfound=continue] files
>> [success=return notfound=return]
> I just have
> passwd: cache files ldap
> group: cache files ldap
> and I can login as root locally without any delay.
> That said my LDAP server is on the same machine so perhaps it fails 
> faster. I am using "uri ldapi://%2fvar%2frun%2fopenldap%2fldapi/" to 
> connect to.

This sounds like the correct solution, AFAIK it's the same concept as 
for NIS, first check local files, then ldap. You don't want your root 
credentials possibly be leaked accross the network. On the other hand 
you don't want or need user accounts in the local files.

Default first check local files which is fast, then fall back on ldap if 
the user is not found.

BR, Erik
Erik Nørgaard
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