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On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 02:12:48PM -0400, Carmel NY wrote:
> Presently, I have Samba set up on my FreeBSD machines. Windows can
> access the shared directories without any problems. I also have Putty
> installed on the Windows machines so I can directly access the FreeBSD
> boxes when required.
> I want the same functionality between the FreeBSD boxes. Eventually, at
> least one of them will be run headless; the mail server in particular.

You can connect from one FreeBSD machine to another via the 'telnet' or 'ssh'
programs, where telnet is frowned upon because it sends passwords over the
network as plain text.

You can mount a shared resource from a SMB file server via mount_smbfs(8). 

> I can find a virtual cornucopia of information on networking Windows
> machines; Microsoft even includes a wizard to accomplish it. However,
> there does not seem to be as much information regarding non-Windows
> products.

OpenSSH, the implementation that FreeBSD uses is covered (both client and
server) in § 14.11 of the FreeBSD Handbook:

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