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> On Sep 22, 2009, at 1:39 PM, Carmel NY wrote:
> > Most of my networking experience is based on a Windows. Networking
> > two or more PCs together in a Window's environment is easy.
> > Unfortunately, I am not getting anywhere accomplishing the same
> > with multiple FreeBSD machines. I can get them networked with
> > Window's machines; however, not
> > with each other.
> >
> > Where can I find a go How-To on how to accomplish this?
> > -- 
> > Carmel
> > carmel at
> Carmel,
> 	Could you perhaps describe what it is you want to accomplish?
> I might be able to direct you to a nice how-to or even walk you
> through it...

Sorry, I should have been more informative.

Presently, I have Samba set up on my FreeBSD machines. Windows can
access the shared directories without any problems. I also have Putty
installed on the Windows machines so I can directly access the FreeBSD
boxes when required.

I want the same functionality between the FreeBSD boxes. Eventually, at
least one of them will be run headless; the mail server in particular.

I can find a virtual cornucopia of information on networking Windows
machines; Microsoft even includes a wizard to accomplish it. However,
there does not seem to be as much information regarding non-Windows

At present, all machines are connected, either wired or wireless,
through a linksys router.

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