FreeBSD 6.3 installation hacked

Leandro Quibem Magnabosco leandro.magnabosco at
Tue Sep 22 12:58:20 UTC 2009

Aflatoon Aflatooni escreveu:
> I found a script in /tmp directory which could have been uploaded using php or Java.
> How would they execute the code in /tmp directory?
> Thanks
You can execute files from scripts or from apache itself when they are 
There are several programming/scripting languages that are accessible by 
web and those are the ones that an intruder will have to use to exploit 
some scenario like yours.

Take some time to read this doc:

It is pretty interesting as, unfortunately,  it suits the same scenario 
you, unintentionally, created for the hackers.

Leandro Quibem Magnabosco.

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