Microsoft "Dynamic DNS"

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Sat Sep 19 20:46:51 UTC 2009

stan wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 04:06:03PM -0400, stan wrote:
>> I have a situation at work, where I need  a FreeBSD machine to be in the
>> corporate DNS. We have been bought out, and the new owner says "no static
>> DNS entries". They use some Microsoft technogly where the client machiens
>> register thier names with the corprate DNS.
>> My Windows laptop for instance, may get different IP addresses using DHCP
>> depending on what physical location I connect it in. but it's always the
>> same DNS name.
>> Can anyone sugest where to look for information as to how this works, and
>> how I cna make my FreeBSD machine participate in this?
> Following up to my own post. I have managed to get a wireshark capture of
> my Windows laptop doing a DHCP operation, including registering it's name
> with this DNS system. Can anyone tell me what I need to look for in this to
> better narow down how this is ebing done?
Have you looked at dhclient.conf?
There should be an option to send your client's host name available.

--Joseph Lenox

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