Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Fri Sep 18 15:26:09 UTC 2009

Freeco wrote:

> Steve wrote:
> In the diagram above, you need two NICs in the gateway. One goes to the
> ISP, and the other goes to the switch. The rest of the
> computers also plug into the switch. If all of the devices have
> 192.168.1.x, they are all in the same subnet.
> If the 2 pc's will be connected to gateway directly and another one with the
> switch, then all 3 pc's won't be in one subnet. Right?

That is right. Knowing that you aren't bridging on the gateway, if you
connect two pc's directly to the gateway, and another to the gateway
through a switch, they will all need different prefixes (they'll be in
different subnets):


In this case, you WILL need at least four NICs in the gateway, and you
will need at least three different NAT configurations.

I'm at a loss of what you are trying to do, primarily because I now
envision a scenario where you have multiple switches with cables going
everywhere (possibly back to one another), and have no idea what your
physical layout truly is.

You need to answer the questions in my other message before I can even
begin to comprehend what your setup is.

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