Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Fri Sep 18 03:33:58 UTC 2009

Hi Chris,

> was fine until the power went out and when it booted back up it said
> "/dev/amrd0s1d: unexpected soft update inconsistency: run fsck
> manually .  the following file system had an inconsistency: ufs:
> /dev/amrd0s1d (/var) Enter full pathname of shell or RETURN for
> /bin/sh.

At this line, you press the RETURN/ENTER key.

You will be given a command promt that should be # (or $). At that
stage, you are in command mode, you cannot use the mouse, there is no
window system, you have to type commands on the keyboard and see the
result on the screen.

You type the command "fsck", it will scan your disks for
inconsistencies and prompt you for action.

Now it is up to you to give sensible answers to the questions (as I
don't know what inconsistencies it will detect, I cannot tell you what
to answer for each question).

When fsck has finished working, you type the command "exit" and your
machine should finish booting properly.

Good luck,


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