pkg_delete: unable to completely remove directory (pkgdb -F)

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Thu Sep 17 22:04:33 UTC 2009

In the last episode (Sep 17), Jeronimo Calvo said:
> dealing with broken package.... (virtualbox which is driving me crazy) I
> am getting the following error everytime i try to deinstall it, to make a
> clean installation from source:
> pkg_delete: unable to completely remove directory
> any idea on how to manage to get rid of this error?

That is a warning that the packing list included a directory delete request,
but there were still files in it.  It could be a bug in the plist (not
specifying all the files the package installed), or it could be a shared
directory that another package installed other files into.  Regardless, it's
just a warning and the package was deleted.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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