Killfiles (was Re: reporter on deadline seeks comment about reported security...)

Steve Bertrand steve at
Thu Sep 17 13:02:33 UTC 2009

Jonathan McKeown wrote:

> but I wish a few more people would just ignore him as well. If he's not 
> trolling for angry responses, I find it hard to see what he's doing here at 
> all, given how little good he has to say about FreeBSD or the people involved 
> with it.

Realize (in this case) that the replies you are reading are extremely
valuable, even to relative newcomers.

Most replies have been quite informative.

Some with very good analogies explaining why we don't broadcast
security-related issues before any investigative work has been done to
at *minimum* determine their impact to the userbase.

Others have expressed their appreciation for what the sec-team does, why
they do it that way, and why it makes sense to do it that way.

The FreeBSD security folks take their jobs very seriously, and it shows.
They are very good stewards acting with common-sense, good judgement
while following best common practises, all on behalf of the people they
are responsible (and technically, themselves).

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