sSMTP, this mailing list, and helo errors

Chad Perrin perrin at
Wed Sep 16 22:21:37 UTC 2009

I moved email from a FreeBSD 6.2 machine to a FreeBSD 7.2 machine.

On both machines, I'm using sSMTP[1] to send email to a mailserver
managed by a shared hosting server, with SSL/TLS authentication.
Everything works, except for one "small" problem -- sending email to this
list.  It has apparently exposed a problem with the setup.  I get a "Helo
command rejected: Host not found" error when sending to this list.

The weird part is that I'm using *exactly* the same ssmtp.conf file on
both the 7.2 system and the 6.2 system.  As you can see -- since this
email comes from the 6.2 system -- that configuration file isn't causing
any problems sending with sSMTP on 6.2, so I'm a little confused about
the cause of the problem.  Where else should I look for a problem?

My MUA is Mutt (and yes, that's using exactly the same configuration file

Thanks in advance for any help.


1: /usr/local/sbin/ssmtp

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