reporter on deadline seeks comment about reported security bug in FreeBSD

Jerry gesbbb at
Wed Sep 16 11:08:58 UTC 2009

On Tue, 15 Sep 2009 23:47:10 -0700
perryh at wrote:

> Jerry <gesbbb at> wrote:
> > Waiting until someone is harmed is tantamount to being an
> > accomplice to the act.
> And providing details of a currently-undefendable vulnerability
> to a black hat who did not previously know about it, thereby
> enabling the black hat to perpetrate harm that would otherwise
> not have occurred, isn't?

The simple act of publishing the fact that a know exploit exists for a
given program compromises nothing. Example:

WARN: The following program(s) have known exploits.

PROGRAM:	 prog-name
OS:	 	 FreeBSD-7.2+
EXPLOIT:	 Potential to render HD inaccessible
SUGGESTION:	 If prog-name is not imperative to system
		 performance, remove it and consider using a similar
		 product by another author.

A simple solution that affords the end user the right to make an
informed decision. I realize that governments, especially
socialistic/fascists ones use the terms 'censorship' and 'secret' with
the term 'For their own good' interchangeable. I would hate to see the
open-source community, especially FBSD embracing that philosophy.

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