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> Hi
> Im new to the list, hope I have the right one, but if not, please let me
> know. And forgive me if I don't speak clear unix.
> I am trying to set up a webserver, with virtual hosting accounts.
> Naturally, I want to be able to give users the ability to upload files to
> their web directories.
> Setting up basic ftp is not an issue for me. I can set up a user at
> /usr/home/<user>, and can upload via ftp just fine. Of course that directory
> is owned by user:user. I also get ftpchroot just fine.
> Next I go to vipw to change the user's home dir to something in the www
> area, which is owned by www:www. This is where my problems start with being
> denied. I am assuming that uploading to the unprivileged user www is getting
> in my way.

If you have virtualhost A, with DocumentRoot
/usr/local/www/apache2/data/siteA/htdocs, then set the home directory for
the user who uploads to this path during user creation.
chroot them to this path as well.

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