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Mon Sep 14 22:14:30 UTC 2009

On Mon, 14 Sep 2009 22:02:49 +0000, utisoft at googlemail.com wrote:
> Yeah, unfortunately I still think of 'folders', and am continually  
> wrong-footed by the term 'directory' in a graphical environment, even after  
> years of GNU and FreeBSD use.....

Just imagine if the Xerox Alto and its first GUI wouldn't have
been invented in the US, but in Germany. Then we would refer
to "ring binders" or "lever arch folders", or "ordners" or
"actenordner" (the german word is "der Ordner" or "der Akten-
ordner"). Surely, this would be the default symbol:


And all paper sizes defaults would refer to DIN A4 in the first
place... what a beautiful imagination! :-)

> I have all sorts of strange habits that many will recognise as symptoms of  
> multi-booting and running servers. There's no shame in that!

Please don't get me wrong: There are correct places to use the
term "folder", e. g. when talking about "mail folders" (which can
be represented as files (mbox) or directories with files (MH) on
the disk level). But in the case discussed, "directory" is the
correct term. There's no need to change proven terminology just
because some company indoctrinates you to do so. :-)

How important it is to use the correct terminology is when users
start asking you questions about their "modems" (refers to PC),
their "TV" and their "brains" (refers to speakers), or start
complaining that "the file system is too big" (refers to the
icon size in the file manager used), and want "the same pictures
at home as I have them at work" (refers to the OS).

To sum it up in quite your own words: "I have all sorts of strange
habits that many will recognise as symptoms of asperger's syndrome.
There's no shame in that!" :-)

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