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>On Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 6:15 PM, Chris Maness <chris at chrismaness.com> wrote:
>> I level 0 dump of my server.  I lost a file that I need back.  Is it
>> possible to use restore like tar and explode it into a directory
>> instead of a pristine partition/mount?  Or even better, is it possible
>> to just extract a single file without exploding the whole tape dump?
>> Sorry if the question seems stupid.
>> Chris KQ6UP
>Sorry, I was reading the restore man from my mac, and it was not as
>clear.  The restore does not seem to work from my mac (this is where
>my backup dumps reside as I have two massive HDs).  I guess the mac
>restore would only work with HFS+ and not UFS.  I guess the only way
>would be to move the massive dump file back over to the FreeBSD

If the dump was made on the mac, it's highly likely restore will need to be run from the mac.  If it was made on freebsd, you'll likely need to run restore from freebsd.  Assuming you run it from the appropriate place..  

I don't have my Mac handy to check it's man pages, but in FreeBSD I believe in it that it would be 

#restore -i -f <file>
#restore -i <device>

Then use 'ls' and 'cd' to find the file you want.

In the "restore > : prompt you can 

"add <filename>"

to add it to the restore list.  Works with folders, too.


to finally pull those out.

YMMV, so read the docs. I would suspect the Mac has similar options, though can't confirm that at the moment.





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