[OFF?] Mac OX Driver

Mario Lobo mlobo at digiart.art.br
Sun Sep 13 18:53:51 UTC 2009

Sorry to put a lame question here but I need a little feedback as to keep my 
hopes up or bury them.

I have an old sound board (echo gina20) that I need to keep using (for $$$ 
reasons), but I also must upgrade my OSes to 64 bits. There are XP 32bit 
drivers but no XP 64bit ones for it. There are no Gina20 drivers for freebsd 
but there IS a Mac OS X driver for it!. 

Is it possible to use a Mac driver on FreeBSD? Has this ever been tried or 
done? should I bury my hopes?

Mario Lobo
FreeBSD since version 2.2.8 [not Pro-Audio.... YET!!] (99,7% winedows FREE)

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