FreeBSD 7.x with Lenovo Thinkpad SL500 or T400

Chad Perrin perrin at
Fri Sep 11 08:54:13 UTC 2009

On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 12:25:25PM +0530, Abhi wrote:
> Hola,
>       Has anybody tried FreeBSD 7.x on Lenovo Thinkpads SL500 or T400?

Alas, though I tried, I could not convince my girlfriend that installing
FreeBSD on her T500 would be worth the sacrifice of *not* getting to run
WoW, since (unlike Ubuntu, which is what she used instead) the
proprietary ATI driver doesn't work so well with FreeBSD.

Anyway . . . while I have not tried installing FreeBSD on an SL500 or a
T400 either, I suspect support would be decent -- as long as you don't
need 3D graphics support good enough for WoW.  That's just my educated
guess, and not confirmation, though.  Hopefully someone else can give a
more definitive response.

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