Inconsistency in root partition size

jaymax jaymax36 at
Wed Sep 9 00:24:43 UTC 2009

Mel Flynn-2 wrote:
> This is exactly what I figured. Some files are hiding behind a mount
> point. 
> The got there most likely, cause you did make installworld without /usr 
> mounted, which would happen if you have the FreeBSD source tree on a
> different 
> location, reboot into single user mode, only mount the source tree and do 
> installworld.
> To repair, reboot into single user. Run the following commands:
> fsck -y /
> mount -u -o rw /
> rm -rf /usr/*
> exit
> This should delete the offending files.

Thanks, you have been a tremendous help
That was precisely the problem and solution, the capacity from df-k is back
down to 10% thanks again
with your permission I'd like to post your advise on the FreeBSD Forum, of
course with credits =)
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