ZFS and DMA read error

Daniel Eriksson daniel at toomuchdata.se
Mon Sep 7 08:40:09 UTC 2009

Mark Stapper wrote:

> Yeah, i did the long SMART selftest three times now, each of which it
> failed on the same LBA address.

I assume 'smartctl -a /dev/adX' reports that the read test failed at LBA
XXX something?

> Why would I want to clear my driver before I run these tests?

In this case it's not really clearing the drive you are aiming for, it
is to write to every sector. If you have a failed sector (which you do),
writing to it will force the drive firmware to remap the sector. As far
as I know, most drives will not remap an unreadable sector until it is
written to.

/Daniel Eriksson

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