Inconsistency in root partition size

jaymax jaymax36 at
Mon Sep 7 06:12:07 UTC 2009

Galactic_Dominator wrote:
>  Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 9:24 PM, jaymax <jaymax36 at> wrote:
>> Mel Flynn-2 wrote:
>> >
>  --
>> ufs by default keeps a certain portion in reserve for use by root.  8% is
> the standard amount I believe so that capacity reading is technically
> valid.  On rare occasion, I've had to run fsck multiple times.  you may
> wish
> to try this also, w/ no reboot in between.

I ran fsck -vy 10 times, status unchanged

Is there somewhere I can find a listing of files and directories that are
supposed to be at the / level? if there is perchance some bizarre file, that
du is not accounting for.


Adam Vande More
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