Reverse Proxy /Proxy Pass

Mel Flynn mel.flynn+fbsd.questions at
Fri Sep 4 00:12:47 UTC 2009

On Friday 04 September 2009 01:20:46 Agus wrote:

> What server, application do u know/recommend me for using as a
> ProxyPass / Reverse Proxy...
> The idea is to forward all requests to port 80 to this server and then
> from here according to the vhost send it to the actual server... For
> now i only need proxying.. dont think cacheing will be possible so im
> just looking for a pretty fast, light and stable app to do this on a
> freebsd 7...
> Thanks and ihope to hear some cool recommendations.. hehe

If lightweight, go with www/nginx. Features, go with www/squid or 

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