difficult-to-phrase question...

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Wed Sep 2 23:44:05 UTC 2009

	guys, (of either gender)

	here's one that is a bit difficult to figure out how to ask, but
	here's my first shot:

	i'm looking for a file what contains string "S".  the filename
	in this case has a zillion letters, but that beside the point.

	i can use grep to find "S" and grep gives me the file[s] that
	have the string.  now, is there any easy way of reading that
	file, or deleting or otherwise munging that file?

	nutshell is that every time i reboot (into kde), kde wastes
	time/cpu spawning unwanted whatever: versions of konqueror, kttsd,
	ksayit, &c.  [[i found these files in
	~/.kde/share/config/session, about  20, dated may, 09 to oct 08.
	rm'ing the bunch would get rid of the instantiate problem, but
	having a script to diddle with a found string "S" would be
	useful esp'ly if the filename of pathname were long.

	i'll mouse swipe the string and fname to prove my point.
	thanks for any help.  


	ps: if scripting this is too grizzly i'll do it in C and do an
	inline post of src and example use.

p4 16:18 <tao> [5058] rgr www.h-online              ~/.kde/share/config/session

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