netbooks and sdhci

David Horwitt dboner at
Tue Sep 1 19:28:10 UTC 2009

I recently purchased an Asus Aspire One D250-1151, and am,overall, 
pleased with it (running 7,2-RELEASE).
The alc ethernet is not supported in 7.2 (the ath0 wireless is), and I 
don't care about the video camera.

The '5-in-1' media reader is, unfortunately for me, a USB device. (After 
some detective work, I determined that
it uses a Reaktek RTS5101 or RTS5111). For my purposes (low level SDHC 
card access), I prefer hardware that is
supported by the sdhci/mmc subsystem.

So my question is: does anybody know _for sure_ of a hard-disk netbook 
with a media reader that uses the sdhci interface
and is supported by FBSD 7.2 (supported = wireless,X,USB). $USD300 (like 
the AA1-D250) is the desired price point, but
up to about $USD400 is OK (as is FBSD 8.0, if the hardware is right). If 
you have any pointers, please
include the sub-model information, because if it's anything like the 
Asus, the hardware varies all over the place, and
'Aspire One' means less than 'D250' or 'AO150'.

Thank you,

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