ifconfig -alias - removed wrong ip ?

claudiu vasadi claudiu.vasadi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 13:53:06 UTC 2009

Hello guys,

I have a 7.2-stable Freebsd running on a 2.66 Ghz 478 socket mobo with 1 GB
DDR1 ram.

I added another ip on my rl0 interface, brought it up, everything was fine
(until i screwed it up :( ). I wanted then to remove the alias IP but i
wrote a wrong command (ifconfig rl0 -alias) and since then I have no access
to the box. I then turned to my vmware FreeBSD to reproduce the situation
and I was stuned to find out that that command I wrote, removes the "normal"
IP and not the alias one. OK, normaly (I think) i should be able to connect
to the alias IP..... well, It's not the case

2 things here:

1.) Is it normal for the ifconfig rl0 -alias to remove the "normal" IP and
not the alias one ? (I think that by this syntax it could be right but the
parameter "-alias" is specified and the OS should know to remove the alias
IP and not the normal IP)
2) I dnt really understand why am I not able to connect to the second
(alias) ip? It seems that somehow it's dependant to the "normal" one

I must say I was not really reading the handbook for the 2nd point here....
will do it now though

PS: box is 3 countryes away from me so manual intervention is out of the
question (although I have some sort of online-suport (If my 73 years old
grandmother can be called that :)) ) )

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