geli disk marked as dirty on normal shutdown/reboot

Vinny vinny-mail-01+f.questions20090831 at
Tue Sep 1 01:21:44 UTC 2009

Hi List,

# uname -a
FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p6 FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p6 
#0: Tue Jun  9 16:26:47 UTC 2009 
root at  i386

I have a geli backed ufs file system:

# ad14.eli esata
/dev/ufs/E1TB   /edisks/esata0   ufs rw,noauto    2   2

I use a passphrase to attach it:

# geli attach ad14
Enter passphrase: **

The provider shows up as ad14.eli as expected.  The file system
on it has a label of E1TB (as seen above).

The command:

# mount /dev/ufs/E1TB

usually works fine.

The problem is that if I restart the system normally, the
file system on the provider ad14.eli, when reattached, is
marked as dirty and I get the usual "operation not permitted"
error.  I have to run:

# fsck -t ufs /dev/ad14.eli

before I can mount it again.  This is repeatable and occurs
for more than just the one geli provider I use in this example.

Am I missing something with respect to properly attaching a
geli device?  Do I need the '-d' option to detach at last

Thanks for any help.

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