FreeBSD vs Russian's laws

Vagner root.vagner at
Sat Oct 31 15:22:26 UTC 2009

Good day! I wanted to share with you the situation in Russia and hear
advice. In Russia introduced a law "On personal data" and the
corresponding standarts. In accordance with these standarts process
personal data (ie 80% of all data in the enterprise) can only by
certified operating systems and software.
Certified happening in the Federal Security Service in Russia (FSB in USA). But FreeBSD doesn't certify anyone.
That  is, in Russia are trying to ban the use os Freebsd and similar.
For the use of face criminal liability. What do i do not kwow, but
	refuse to use FreeBSD, i don't intend to. How do you fight
	against corruption & bureaucraty in the government itself? Thks

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