Effing HAL

Adam Vande More amvandemore at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 19:11:07 UTC 2009

I was part of this and the x11 mailing list during the period in which most
made the switch to hal.  I am fully aware of all the complaining which
occurred.  There was a bug which made the issue difficult.  I experienced
it, the workaround was available nearly immediately and fixed soon after.
Nearly of the complaints were due to that bug, or misconfiguration just as
you are experiencing.  The bug was basically moused and hal fighting over
who was polling the mouse while X was running.  top is a horrible method of
measuring memory usage by a process.

procstat(1) will give you a much better picture, I suggest you challenge
your assumptions and explore that path.

However since you asked here is the diff.

w/ HAL:

CPU:  0.2% user,  0.0% nice,  0.0% system,  0.0% interrupt, 99.8% idle
Mem: 66M Active, 43M Inact, 95M Wired, 776K Cache, 48M Buf, 1789M Free
Swap: 4063M Total, 4063M Free

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/hald stop had no discernible effect on usage.

reboot after hald_enable="NO" in /etc/rc.conf

CPU:  0.0% user,  0.0% nice,  0.0% system,  0.0% interrupt,  100% idle
Mem: 62M Active, 43M Inact, 93M Wired, 660K Cache, 47M Buf, 1795M Free
Swap: 4063M Total, 4063M Free

Adam Vande More

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