Effing HAL

Neil Short neshort at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 30 14:44:07 UTC 2009

> --On Thursday, October 29, 2009 16:55:58 -0500 Freminlins 
> <freminlins at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > I know this isn't specifically a FreeBSD problem, HAL
> being needed by X. But
> > the flipping installer should enable it when I
> selected X flipping User from
> > the install options.
> >
> > My little upgrade has now turned from a bit of fun
> into a saga that I don't
> > want to go through again.
> >
> > I had to get this off my chest. It was, as they say,
> doing my head in.
> >
> Far be it from me to pile on when you're already so
> frustrated, but I run into 
> these sorts of problems myself from time to time. 
> It's usually because I 
> didn't bother to read /usr/ports/UPDATING first, which in
> this case might have 
> warned you.
> 20090123:
>   AFFECTS: users of x11-servers/xorg-server
>   AUTHOR: rnoland at FreeBSD.org
> ....

I hate to say this; but I carefully read the UPDATING log you quoted and used the solution suggested - which did not work for me. It sounds like there is some special extra installation required - and I have not found the details on it. This is a very old problem. I worked on this problem until I got frustrated and installed Linux. I hate it and look forward to this problem in FBSD being fixed so I can go back.

USB stuff - and ethernet divices don't work worth squat in Linux.


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