lang/gcc43 and lang/gcc44 installation procedures broken after updates

Scott Bennett bennett at
Fri Oct 30 00:03:40 UTC 2009

     On Thu, 29 Oct 2009 19:19:28 -0400 Henry Olyer <henry.olyer at>
>Look, keep claiming that it's working if you like, but I've been backing up
>another machine and making notes -- so that when I do my reinstall of 7.2, I
>don't have to come back here again, asking for help that's already been
>My point is:  gcc44 doesn't work.  It is broken and I suspect it's going to
>stay broken.  Only a fresh install *might* fix the problem.

     Given that it has just finished compiling math/octave-3.2.3 in the last
minute or two, I'd say your assessment of gcc44 needs some modification. :-)
>I know these systems are very complex, I don't want to criticize anyone --
>I'm very impressed that the FreeBSD community works as well as it does;  And
>after all, this is the first time I've encountered problems this serious,
>and I used to write compilers, so I know that you guys have done a terrific
>But let's move on;  gcc44 doesn't work, it's not going to, and we need to

     It does work.

>focus on a repair strategy.  Is it to simply to do a fresh install?  I've
>been backing up, I'll do this if I have to...
     And it installed fine, too, which you would have known if you had
read my followup to the suggestion to do a "make distclean install" from
the lang/gcc44 directory, rather than to install it via portmaster.  Assuming
that the old-fashioned method handled any accumulated patches properly, then
I think the only problem is in portmaster, rather than lang/gcc4[34].  What,
in particular, about those two ports caused portmaster to screw up remains
to be determined.

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