Merging Related Information from 2 Tables

Martin McCormick martin at
Thu Oct 29 18:44:20 UTC 2009

Giorgos Keramidas writes:
> You should use a Perl or Python script, and a hash...
> If you show us a few sample lines from the input file and how you want the
> output to look, it shouldn't be too hard to quickly hack one of those
> together.

	Perl and python-- I wasn't even thinking of that! Thank
you. I have installed python now on the FreeBSD system and will
start learning it.

	A records look like:

hydrogen.cis.osu. 43200	IN	A

Text or TXT records look similar except that the data they
convey are ASCII text strings of various information that are
either read by people or maybe tell servers how to behave toward
that particular client.

hydrogen.cis.osu. 5	IN	TXT	"cordell-north,009,"

Our hope is to have an output line looking like: hydrogen.cis.osu "cordell-north,009,"

	We will actually run that output through sed to convert
the "'s to blanks and also the ,'s to blanks but that is

Thanks for the examples.

Martin McCormick

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