most bizarre problem

B. Cook bcook at
Thu Oct 29 12:25:24 UTC 2009

So Yes something to do with ZFS was the culprit..

I had done a zfs upgrade -a and zpool upgrade -a in the past, but I 
guess I missed on the output that the / was not upgraded (of course)

So that was a problem; which may not have been the right one, but it 
gave me something to hunt..

I had to get a snapshot cd with a livefs.

kldload opensolaris and zfs and the kicker was this:

zpool import -f -R /alt tank

then I did the zpool upgrade -a and zfs upgrade -a

when that was done I could reboot and install world successfully..

I will find out what that flag does and find another box to test this 

Possibly the flag would have helped me install, but I could not find 
another way to zfs upgrade -a and get / without going to a livecd..

On 10/25/09 10:38 PM, Mel Flynn wrote:
> On Saturday 24 October 2009 14:33:53 B. Cook wrote:
>> B. Cook wrote, On 10/24/2009 7:43 AM:
>>       49  ===>  lib/libc (install)
>>       50  install -C -o root -g wheel -m 444   libc.a /usr/lib
>>       51  install -C -o root -g wheel -m 444   libc_p.a /usr/lib
>>       52  install -s -o root -g wheel -m 444   -fschg -S /lib
>>       53  install: /lib/ chflags: Invalid argument
>>       54  *** Error code 71
> When on ZFS, set NO_FSCHG in /etc/src.conf. For the time being, file flags are
> not supported on ZFS.

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